My name is Zuzanna, I am a family mediator, a coach, therapist, and I have a toxic relationship with my mother behind me.
I’m able to use the term behind me, because we have managed to build and maintain new conditions for our relationship.
The whole process took several years, perhaps because I was going through it alone, without support, or even with objections shown by people around me.

Despite the adversities and thanks to the consistency on my side, I managed to achieve the good, cordial, and above all, correct relationship we have now.

Since you are on my site, I assume that at least one of your parents has been displaying toxic behaviors towards you.

I want you to know that If you want to change this, you are not alone. I will be happy to help you free yourself from toxic influences, start living by your own principles, in harmony with yourself and your values.

The method I use allowed me to normalize not only my relationship with my mother, but also my clients relations with their parents. I want to show you its principles so that you too can enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Moreover, if you wish to work on other constraints and goals, it will be much easier for you to deal with them if you first regulate your relationship with your parents.
The next step is to help you get to know and step into the world of your Inner Child and heal your childhood traumas. This will also give you the tools to deal with pain and anxiety in real-life situations outside of the sessions.

Thanks to this process you will:
– start living in harmony with yourself, in your full self-worth,
– get rid of pain, numbness and guilt,
– create harmonious relationships,
– release your assertiveness and set clear boundaries,
– cut yourself off from the toxic parent, if necessary,
– try to accept the parents as they are,
– set and achieve your goals.

I invite you to sessions, that will give you:
– the support, acceptance and understanding,
– a clear vision of your relationship with your parents,
– an insight of hidden challenges that block your innate abilities,
– the energy boost necessary to free yourself from the influence of toxic parents.

Contact me:
skype: zuzanna_kuhl


See what people are saying

” What I like about our session is this. You don’t want to treat Band-Aid the symptoms. You want to find out what they are happening and what caused them.
This is how healing begins.
And believe me.. I am finally healing! „

” I still can’t believe how much progress we have made in such a short amount of time. You’ve done in a month what therapists in the states where not able to do in six years…get me on a path to finally heal childhood wounds.
I love this path you are guiding me on.
Lets keep it goin! „