About me

My name is Zuzanna Kuhl and I am a therapist, family mediator, mentor, and coach.

I have also experienced a toxic relationship with my mother who raised me on her own.

I managed to get overcome the toxicity, build and maintain new conditions for our relationship.

That’s what I want for you too.

How it started …

“I know of no more optimistic fact than man’s ability to improve his life through deliberate action. If one follows his dreams with confidence and decides to lead the life he dreamed of, he will very quickly achieve unexpected success.” – Walden Thoreau

The whole process took several years. I went through it alone, without any support from my relatives.

Despite the adversities and thanks to the consistency, I managed to create a good, cordial, and, mutually supportive relationship.

Even though my childhood and adolescence weren’t rosy, I wouldn’t trade with anyone, because thanks to this experience I am what I am and I can do what I do – support people who are just starting on this path.

I work with adult children of toxic parents.

I support you in freeing yourself from their influence and living in harmony with yourself – without guilt, fear, or anger.

If you need support, knowledge, and tools, where you will find tons of tips and free resources to help you with your process. Check out my e-books on coping with toxic parents, healing your inner child, and improving your self-worth If you are ready to work deeper, book a session to:
  • get support, acceptance, and understanding,
  • create a clear vision of your relationship with your parents,
  • discover hidden challenges that block your ability to make changes,
  • receive a set of practical tools necessary to free yourself from the influence of toxic parents.