What happened in your childhood, how your parents and other significant caregivers treated you, results in how your adult life is – what you think about yourself, about other people, and the world. It rules your behavioral patterns, relationships, and your general well-being.

Parents have different standards, but even if your childhood was good enough, you may still feel it is a source of some disadvantages in your adult life.

I support people like you in my work.

Why is it worth it?

By working with me:

 – you will learn about the unconscious patterns that rule your life
– you will get rid of fear, anger, and guilt
– you will start to establish healthy boundaries
– you will rebuild your self-worth
– you will start to deal with difficult emotions

I offer you:

ebook: Toxic Parents: How to COPE?
e-book: Your Inner
2 w 1: Toxic parents&Your inner child
Self-esteem – how to improve it?
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1 on 1 WORK



See what customers say about me

“I am impressed by your knowledge! Thank you for our session”

“After just an hour-long session, I feel positive and motivated to “fight” my toxic parents! It clearly gives me strength! Thank you!”

 ” Znalazłem w końcu odpowiedniego, ciepłego (w sensie swobodnego w wypowiedziach, domowego, takiego w którym szybko czuje się przyjaciela) specjalistę, który może mi pomóc w moich utrapieniach i być może postawić odpowiednią drogę dla ofiary toksycznego systemu rodziny mojej byłej. “

“You have incredible knowledge and you’ve helped me a lot!”

“I love our sessions, they help me a lot!”